4 Steps to Choosing Appropriate Music for Your Video

Music can become a deciding factor of whether your viewers will like or dislike the video. If the music doesn’t fit the clip, it will be redundant and distracting, and you don’t want that for your video. It’s important that you avoid potential pitfalls and choose the right piece of music that will enhance your video and make it much better.

How to Pick the Right Music for a Clip

  1. Setting the tone of the video.
    The tone of the music you use will create the mood for your video, making it more cheerful, sad, touching, calming, etc. The mood is created by the melody itself, tempo, genre, instruments used, lyrics if any, etc. Upbeat music works the best for videos about business, advertisements work with cheerful music, etc. Make sure you don’t choose music that is too dark or sad, unless you are 100% sure you need it for the video. Also, make sure that the music doesn’t distract the viewers from the actual message of the video.
  2. Choosing the right genre.
    Think about your target audience and the message you need to give out in your video. Then think of the genre you need for the clip, as it decides most of the things in many cases. You won’t advertise a cheerful Ibiza resort with dark wave music, as well as reggae won’t be the best choice for a business clip. However, you still have to focus your clients’ attention on the video, not the music, so make sure it’s not too distinctive.
  3. Add music with lyrics.
    Consider choosing a piece of music with lyrics to strengthen your message if appropriate. Make sure the lyrics isn’t too specific and doesn’t interfere with the text that is spoken in the clip. People are easily distracted, so if you have rich lyrics in your song and an on-camera narration, there may be no effect from your message.
  4. Choose fading spots.
    Whatever music you choose for your clip, it’s important that it correlates with the video in terms of fading and strengthening. Music and picture have to be a combination and flow together, which means the song should start with the video, and fade along with it. However, if you need to speak at the beginning of the clip or you feel it would be better to start playing music later, it’s totally alright. If you use the music according to some rules, it may become inappropriate.

One more important thing is that you don’t use copyrighted music in your videos unless you have a permission to do so. There are many troubles connected to copyrights, and it’s not a thing to play with, so make sure you have it all arranged.

To Sum Up

Music choice is crucial for any video, as it can make it much better or break it at all for your viewers. A song you use sets the tone of the video, so make sure you choose the right melody and genre. Consider using songs with lyrics unless you have to narrate in the video, and align music and clip to make them a good combination.