5 Reasons to Use a Video on Your Landing Page

Landing pages are what create the first and the most important impression about your company. There are many people who don’t go far beyond the main page, so it’s crucial for you to make it as impressive as possible. A colorful video representing your company and its products is one of the best ways to make a landing page interesting enough.

Why You Should Post a Video to Your Home Page

    1. Videos are good attention-capturers.
      A video on the main page of your website will capture your viewers’ attention immediately, and they may proceed or pause to learn about it. By making people watch the video, you may get more viewers of your pages and a great interest towards your products. And all this usually leads to contacts and purchases, which is the main goal of most companies. If you choose the right position for your video on a beautifully crafted main page, you will get what you want.
    2. Most people love watching more than reading.
      It is so, especially if we talk about making them interested in something. They may not search for some products but still get to your website somehow, so you have to evoke their interest. Posting a video is the best way to do so, as not all the people will pay attention to the text on some website they see for the first time. A video clip with colors capturing attention and a beautiful person starts talking about the company or stylish slides moving around will do its work.
    3. Videos cause emotional engagement.
      Emotions do wonders with people, and if you succeed in holding people emotionally with the music and the picture of your video, you will be the winner. Videos are better emotion triggers than images and text alone, that’s why it’s important to put a clip on your main page. To succeed, think much about the story you will tell to your viewers, the music you will insert into the video, the colors, the focus, etc.
  1. Video will help you explain the products.
    There are many products that are rather difficult to explain but that can become quite useful in life. If you happen to produce such goods or offer such services, you may desperately need videos to explain everything to your potential buyers. And the most important explanation video has to be on the main page of your website.
  2. Videos are more effective.
    Humans remember information they got from both listening and watching much better. So if you influence them in both ways, they may get more interested in your products and remember the info about it to use it later. Try and you will see how wonders of high-quality videos work for companies.


The value of videos is greater than many of us think, that’s why it’s highly recommended to post a clip on the main page of your website. It will capture people’s attention and make them interested if your products. If they like the presentation, they will contact you and buy your product if they need it, so make sure the presentation is good enough.